• Mama Alice and its founder Frederique Kallen

Mama Alice and its founder Frederique Kallen

We work with underprivileged children in the Peruvian Andes mountains in the disadvantaged neighborhoods of Ayacucho, Peru. Almost all children come from a poignant home situation: poverty, often accompanied by domestic violence, alcoholism, sexual abuse, poor hygiene and malnutrition. This has a major impact on their self-image, their educational results and future prospects.
For the sustainable improvement of the future of the children we work on all aspects of their development. Where possible, we work together with other agencies in Peru, so that the children are helped as well as possible.
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Without the help of Mama Alice, the vicious poverty circle would not be broken and the future perspective would be negative: addictions, violent relationships, prostitution, leaving school early, youth gangs and / or living on the streets.

Mama Alice Peru wants to bring about sustainable changes for underprivileged children by improving their living situation and increasing their future possibilities.