QuinuaQ is a place for Peruvian and international tourists to escape from the stress and busy city reality. Discover the breathtaking view while enjoying our delicious meals and signature cocktails. The restaurant offers Peruvian food and specialties from Ayacucho with international influences. Besides a variety of Peruvian dishes, QuinuaQ offers great activities, such as mountain biking, climbing trails, camping under the stars and quality products with a Heart and a Story. 

Enjoy the affordable luxury, while giving something back to society.

QuinuaQ is part of Mama Alice, a NGO with the objective to bring sustainable changes for underprivileged children by improving their living conditions and increasing their future opportunities. QuinuaQ offers a vocational training for these children, to become a trained cook, bartender and server. The training gives the students an opportunity to develop themselves and focus on a better future.